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Sorry, America is not Safe for Your Kids (Right Now)

One of The Properguys - May 27, 2018 - 0 comments

On a Monday evening after a long day at work, I opted to hang out in Bryant Park with a beautiful lady. I glanced at my phone and noticed one of the many notifications popping up; this one was from the CNN app. My first instinct was to ignore as I usually do, but at a second look, I realized this was referring to school shootings (not just the latest one in Santa Fe).

With this horrifying data, I wondered why are we still protesting? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of raising awareness but isn’t it obvious that something needs to be done at this point? As much as the government wants to stand by the 2nd Amendment, it’s evident that we have a problem. The almighty United States of America has had 57 times the amount of school shootings when compared to other G7 countries which includes Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK – this is sad, embarrassing and scary.

I am scared for my futures kids, nieces and nephews.

Let’s be real; there are many kids, students, parents, and officials working toward making schools and streets safer in regards to gun regulations. All things considered, I am still concerned about my future. I am becoming more confused about where and how to raise my kids, but I will focus on the WHERE for now. I was partially raised in the Bronx, NY and still reside there acting as a property manager for our four apartment family house. The neighborhood is “not so bad,” but you can still sense that you are in the Bronx (especially in the summertime with music blasting and children loitering around the corner stores). As I am getting older and planning things out with my family, my partner and in my head, one thing for sure is that we will not be raising our children in the Bronx. New York City school ratings are not the best, as well as violence and property crime are among the highest in the state of New York. I may move to a suburban area; perhaps in Connecticut, Texas, Maryland or Georgia.

Unfortunately, all of these states I have interest in moving to have been involved in one or more school shooting in the last decade. So the question is – where can I run? What state or country (if not the U.S.) is safer for my family? Before you say, America is still the best country (calm your M.A.G.A blockhead down). Take a closer look at the shooting incidents in other countries. My second country, Nigeria, seems safer for my kids. According to a CNN report, there have been four school incidents in Nigeria since 2009. America has 72 times more school incidents than Nigeria. We have now come to a point where sending your child to Nigeria to study and be “more respectful” is no longer a “disciplinary punishment”; it is more for their safety.

This is America.

If you want to argue the many reasons why America is still an OK country in comparison to Nigeria, take a minute and realize that is not my point. The increasing number of school shootings or incidents in America is unbearable. Parents and children are getting more terrified by the day. We have a President who wants more guns in schools, reserved stricter regulations on gun ownership, and supports the NRA more than he advocates for the safety of students and teachers. The language and actions of the current Presidency and his supporters in regards to the violence and assault in schools, on immigrants, and minorities have set the U.S. back 100 years—socially speaking. This America we’re currently living in is not great. The world is losing respect for America. As a citizen, looking to create a better future for my children and working toward the American dream; I am scared.

Make America Safe Again!